What is holding you back from your main goal?

The writer of the book of Hebrews says to “lay aside anything that hinders” someone from living their Christian life.

This calls out for taking time to consider what might hinder us.

While the writer was talking about our spiritual life, the same concept applies to goal setting.

What is it that hinders you in your goals?

 I have laid out broad goals in eight different areas of my life.  For each of those eight areas, I’ve listed four or five general actions I need to take to be successful.  Beyond that I’ve written out sometimes daily, sometimes weekly goals and actions to take.

So I must be hugely successful with nothing stopping me, right?  I mean I have a plan.

What I’ve been ignoring are the things that are holding me back.

The latest one is a crazy fun (for a perfectionist, control freak like myself) video game called “NFL Coach 2009.” 

Surely, I wouldn’t miss out on prime writing time on my latest novel just to stay up till 1:30 in the morning playing a video game by myself?

Surely, I would and have several times these past few nights.

This morning as I prepared for the day, I reflected on each of the eight general areas of my life: Relationship with God, Relationship with Others, My Day Job, My Writing, My Health, My Gaming, and My Finances.

Without writing down definitive answers, I simply asked myself “What is the one thing that is holding me back in this area of my life?”

Lack of discipline is one of those generic answers but the problem is that  you can’t fight generic problems.  You need to be specific about the problems.

When I look at what is holding me back from writing, it stems from two things:

1) NFL Coach 2009 is sucking my time away.

2) When I do have writing time, I am getting distracted by this little thing called the world wide web

So what do I do about it?

For the NFL Coach 2009 part, I’ve made a decision which I’m putting in writing here to not play it until the first draft of my current novel is completed.  That should be around the beginning of June.  If I do play it then I have to give my wife and each of my kids $20 from my “mad money” fund.  That’s $60 worth of incentive not to play.

For the distraction part, the answer is a bit more complicated, but suffice it to say that I track obsessively my to-do list (using a spinoff of GTD) and that not completing my novel goals on a given day weighs heavily against me on the daily score that my to-do list generates for me ( yes, I’m a type A personality when it comes to my self standards).

So how about you?

What is it that is keeping you from your goals?

Is something distracting you?  Scaring you?  Keeping you from being the you that you want to be?

The first thing you think of is probably the right answer.

Now, what are you going to do about it.


About kentostby
Kent Ostby is a fiction and efficiency writer who is willing to dabble in just about any other phase of writing as well.

One Response to What is holding you back from your main goal?

  1. Nolan says:

    Agh! This is my problem! I have a stack of goals that are piling high and no course of action to get them all done.

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