How do I get caught up on my writing?

You’ve set your goals, you’ve picked your story, and three weeks later, you’re desperately behind.

Okay, I’m desperately behind.

Let’s look at my problem.

1) I want to write a 330 page (or so) first draft so I can cut it by 10% and end up around 300 pages.

2) I want it done by June 3rd.

3) I’m starting it on April 1st.

4) I want to write 4 pages a day or up to six pages a day at the most.

5) I’m suppossedly good at math.

6) And I’ve missed a few days of writing.

April 1st to June 3rd is 63 days of writing.

Divided into 330 is about 5 days a page.  But I’m behind so I know I’m going to have to do 6 pages a day.  Doing the math at 6 pages per day, I should have finished yesterday on page 90 which would leave me about 64 pages behind since I was on page 26 instead.

Dont Panic — We’re Professionals

There are three possible courses of action.

1) I could move my finish date by 10 days which would be great if I didn’t have a real reason for the June 3rd deadline, but I do.  That’s the start of the family beach trip and want them to be able to read it even though I won’t be looking at it myself untill August 3rd.

2) I could take a day off and trick myself into believing that I’m going to get those extra 64 pages written today or tomorrow.  This might work.

3) I could plan to write two chunks a day for the next 10 days to catch up.

I will probably do some cross between #2 and #3 above.  I have a day off planned on May 8th for a Uverse installation that is going to take my work at home office offline all day so that is a good day to skip and write instead.  I also have a couple of weekend days that I can probably catch up a bit (including tonight.  I’m planning to write about 15 pages tonight and get myself rounded up from 26 to 30 and then catch up two days).

The important thing is still to remember to BIC HOK (Butt in chair, hands on keyboard) as my friend likes to say.

There is no shortcut when it comes to writing that staying off the web with the TV off and door to your writing place locked won’t cure.


About kentostby
Kent Ostby is a fiction and efficiency writer who is willing to dabble in just about any other phase of writing as well.

2 Responses to How do I get caught up on my writing?

  1. Mark says:

    Darn football draft . . .

  2. I love BIC HOK! Thanks!

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