Motivational Phrases

If you were to wander through my basement office and my journal, you would see small phrases posted or noted ….

Life is Good

Celberate (sic) for no reason

Perfect Execution

Each of these phrases is a key reminder to me of the attitudes that I need to embrace to keep my overly introspective self moving forward toward my goals with a smile on my face.

Those of you who spend time with me know that I talk to myself (hum to myself, whistle to myself, etc) and that’s just what you hear me muttering under my breath.

It is but a drop compared to the ocean of self talk that goes through my brain 7 x 24 telling myself what I need to do next and what to focus on next. 

While there are many other phrases that I use and have used through the years to keep myself up and going ( “Write something, stupid!” being another one), the three above are the three that are most constantly on my mind these days.

Life is Good

Many of you who know me realize that circumstantially I should be one of the happiest people alive.  I have a great job, get to work from home, like my house, have a hot wife, have two great kids and a few bucks in the bank.

Still it is very easy for me to focus on the things that are wrong ( I’m behind on my manuscript, I’m drowning in new information at my new job, I need to paint/side the house) instead of looking at the bright side.

Reminding myself that Life Is Good (I used to use Life Is Easy as well) reminds me that in the country that I live and with the base of experiences that I’ve built up that Life is there for the taking.  Not just crossing things off  my to do list but actually getting out there and spending time with people and enjoying what God has blessed me with.

Celberate For No Reason

I enjoy Anthony Robbin’s books and one of his key phrases is “Celebrate for no reason” when you are down and moody.  He says to jump up and down and yell insane things like “Hallelujah! I’m not living in volcano!”

His point is that even silly, loud, physical actions can change our state.

When I first wrote this on a large post it note and stuck it on the wall, I spelled celebrate wrong and Kradan laughed at me but now it’s a joke — Celberate For No Reason.

While I occassionally do as Tony says, this one reminds me to take a slow, honest look back at the past few hours and days and celebrate the true joys of the simple things in life and the great and small gifts that I have gotten.

Perfect Execution

Have you ever started out on a diet and exercise plan only to blow it with a donut or something.  Then you just give up and throw in the towel.  I had a donut so how about four burritos for lunch and a sundae in the afternoon.

Perfect Execution for me means going right back to the “to do” list or what I was working on and working on it some more.

What makes you move?

What are the POSITIVE phrases that you can write on the wall or tell yourself over and over as you go through her days?

They can get you refocused and back on track.


About kentostby
Kent Ostby is a fiction and efficiency writer who is willing to dabble in just about any other phase of writing as well.

2 Responses to Motivational Phrases

  1. Samantha Elsebusch says:

    The words we say to ourselves make all the difference. They can become self-fulfilled prophecies. Thanks for sharing this. It’s a timely reminder for me. 🙂

  2. maxine ostby says:

    Thanks Kent. You are a constant source of reminding me … that there is always something to be grateful reason to whine..and this is the moment to do it!

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