Book Review: Wicked Prey


Wicked Prey is another book in John Sanford’s “Prey” series.

Set in Minnesota, the “Prey” series is a set of serial killer novels that revolve around detective Lucas Davenport.  Davenport is the type of “classic” hero that many of us want to read about — smart (millionaire game designer), tough (former college hockey player), cold eye killer ( he kills someone in every book), sexy (until his marriage, he always got the girl), and yet with problems ( he’s afraid of airplane flights and has sufferred from nearly fatal depression — a special gun in his basement that kept calling his name).

Wicked Prey carries two plots through to completion as do all of the Prey series books.  The main plot is a gang that has come to Minneapolis to rip off the large sums of cash that Republican movers and shakers bring into town for walking around money during the Republican convention.  Lucas must locate, isolate, and (of course shoot it out) with the gang. 

The second plot, as Sanford usually does, draws on a past plot — in this case, a low level criminal who was crippled in a shootout with Davenport and his co-workers starts stalking Davenport’s adopted twelve year old daughter and she starts stalking him in return.

Genre: Suspense / Cop / Series

New or Old: New (2010)

What I Liked About It

I love the series.  Davenport is an amazing character.  It’s one of the few series where I am always ready to read the newest one.

Davenport has grown in many ways throughout the series and that continues in this book as his relationship with his adopted daughter changes as she is headed into puberty and having to deal with some of the fallout of Davenport’s previous choices.

Sanford’s writing is very straightforward.  He introduces his minor characters with a succinct couple of paragraphs, but manages to give some life to them even if they only live a page or two in the novel.

Read This If

Read this if you like a good, fairly raw police detective book / series.  You will do yourself a favor if you get the Wicked Prey and copy down the Prey books and read them in order.

This is a series that I wouldn’t mind owning front to back at some point in life.

Don’t Read This If

Almost all of the books contain violence, swearing, and at least some innuendo if not a bedroom scene or two.

In other words, don’t read these books if you don’t watch “R” rated movies.  Think something equivilant to Heat or History of Violence.